Monday, August 21, 2017


A growing trend for divorcing people in Japan is to have a ring-smashing ceremony.  Ring smashing is just that - smashing the ring with a huge hammer.  This is a very specific type of divorce ceremony that is interesting in that Japanese people are often known to be emotionally restrained and the smashing of the wedding rings is.....downright vivid.  

There are several companies that have sprung up to provide this intriguing service.  The smashing ceremony itself can be done anywhere the couple chooses, in a restaurant, a specially appointed room, or even in a religious place. The husband and wife who are to be divorced generally arrive at the scene separately. While some couples prefer to do it all alone, others invite guests, sometimes just one or two friends or family members.  Others invite a large number of attendees.  

It's interesting how divorce ceremonies have spread worldwide and fascinating to see how particular cultures handle matters.  The common theme is having an event to mark a big life change, providing the ritual we humans badly need!

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